Our Whitetail hunting packages include a guide and game care.

The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), also known as the whitetail or Virginia deer, is a medium-sized deer native to North America, Central America, Ecuador, and South America as far south as Peru and Bolivia. In North America, the species is widely distributed east of the Rocky Mountains as well as in southwestern Arizona and most of Mexico, aside from Lower California.

Texas is home to the most white-tailed deer of any U.S. state or Canadian province, with an estimated population of over four million.  Valiant Ranch is home to several hundred whitetail deer.

Our deer herd was established over 15 years ago with genetics from more than 50 different South Texas and Northern Whitetails.  These genetics today produce massive mainframe monster whitetail bucks with many of them scoring well into the 200’s.  On average our bucks will range from 180-240 pounds.  Due to their superior genetics and our feed program many of our typical framed bucks are very trashy, with lots of kickers, splits and often times throwing multiple drop tines.  For this we make no apologies.

Contact us for special corporate and group rates.  Please view our Accommodations page for lodging rates.  We can provide transportation to and from the San Antonio International Airport or Kerrville Municipal Airport. We can also provide game transport to the Taxidermist and meat processor. 

Hunting packages

Management bucks (up to 130”) $2,500

Whitetail Bucks (131”-149”) $3,950
Whitetail Bucks (150” – 169”) $5,250
Whitetail Bucks (170”-189″) $7,250
Whitetail Bucks (190”-210″) $9,000
Whitetail Bucks (211”-230″) $10,500
Whitetail Bucks (231”-250″) $11,500
Whitetail Bucks (251”-270″) $12,500
Whitetail Bucks (270”-299″) $14,500
Whitetail Bucks (300”+) $10,500

Drop Tines are $200 per inch in addition to the trophy fee

All hunts require a $500 nonrefundable deposit per hunter at the time of booking.  Hunt prices include a 1:1 guide, field dressing, use of our walk in cooler and transportation to a local processor if desired.

 Onsite meat processing and other preparation options are available upon request.

All-inclusive accommodations are available for $225/night per hunter.  This includes lodging, meals and beverage.  Non hunting guests can join in on the adventure for $150/night


To book a hunt contact:

Mike Miller | 979-277-5940